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ADOC d.o.o. (company with a limited liability) is a private company, consisting of three basic, functionally independent but organizationally united scopes of business, with the unique operational and financial management and a corporate, complementary infrastructure:

  • Pharmaceuticals (import, stocking and distribution of medicines; representing foreign pharmaceutical companies)
  • Diagnostics (import, stocking, distribution and maintenance of diagnostic instruments and devices)
  • Constructional engineering (designing, constructing, selling and leasing the business and housing premises)

... The headquarter of the company is in Belgrade, in the area of specially and functionally designed business complex of 12000 m2, situated on the west industrial part of the city, where special medicine warehouses, car fleet, garages and all necessary electronic and technical infrastructure are settled. ADOC PHARMACY has, by keeping the pace with the contemporary consept of developement and by setting up the new image on the market within its scope of business, established the INTEGRATED SYSTEMS OF MANAGEMENT i.e. quality management ( ISO 9001:2008), protecting the environment (ISO14001:2005) and safty and haelth control at work (OHSAS).

... Since its very foundation, i.e. 21 December 1990, this company has displayed the continual growth, by supporting and implementing the policy of selective work and first-class enterprise accordingly. Nowadays , ADOC d.o.o. is the importer, exclusive representative and/or distributor of medicines, diabetes supplements and medical devices for the eminent world manufacturers like ROCHE PHARMACEUTICALS (Switzerland), ASTRA ZENECA (Great Britain), MERCK (Austria), MERCK SHARP & DOHME (USA), ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS (Germany), AESCULAP AG (Germany), ELLI LILLY (USA). ADOC d.o.o., supplies the major Clinical-Hospital Health Centres as well as the public pharmacies in Serbia, with medicines, on a regular basis. It organizes and provides a significant support in implementing the prevention and other important activities of the health institutions in the country, especially those dealing with diagnostics (diabetes), health prevention of children and adults. ADOC d.o.o.constantly keeps its place among 100 most successful companies in the country and is one of the most developed and modern companies on domestic market.

ADOC d.o.o employs experts with the highest qualifications. The half of more than 90 employees have collage degrees (pharmacists, doctors, engineers, etc.). Special attention is given to continual and systematic improvement and education of the staff, due to the special needs of bisiness conserning medicines, and high technical-technological level of work organization in the company (electronics, technical devices, permanent staff education and trainings, etc.) ensures the optimal professional effects.

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