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Choosing the right partner for company's development, presents the success of managers with the vision. Astra Zeneca with its portfolio and customs warehouse in ADOC, makes the offer and constantly available assortment for end users complete.

ProductGeneric Name Description 
Arimidex® Anastrozol Used for advanced estrogen subordinate breast cancer treatment of women in postmenopause, adjuvant treatment of estrogen-receptor-positive early breast cancer of women in menopause.  
Casodex® Bikalutamid Advance prostate cancer.  
Diprivan® Propofol Sedation during the preparation for surgery intervention, anesthesia maintenance and sedation of patients on intensive care.  
Marcaine® Bupivakain Infiltration anesthesia, set of long effect and epidural anesthesia.  
Meronem® Meropenem Antibiotic.  
Nexium® Esomeprazol Gastric and duodenum ulcer, reflux esophagitis.  
Nolvadex® Tamoksifen Breast cancer (in women and men), edometrium cancer.  
Pulmicort Turbohaler® Budesonid Moderately and very serious kinds of bronchial asthma attacks prophylaxis  
Seroquel® Kventiapin Shizofreny and manic episodes included in bipolar disorders.  
Symbicort Turbohaler® Budesonid+Formeterol Prophylaxis and bronchial asthma treatment and HOBP which need simultaneous implementation of corticosteroids and bronchodilatators.  
Zoladex® Goserelin Prostate and breast cancer, endometriosis and uterus fibrom.  
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