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New business philosophy of ADOC creates new ideas for customers, new ideas for market and for people, for better life. Health improvement of citizens in Serbia, by health promotion and illness prevention activities, represents a permanent task for our employees. We actively participate at "Health bazaar's" in Belgrade and across Serbia in activities dealing with taking care of citizens, especially those with diabetes.

IX Farmaceutski susreti ”FASUS” The IX meeting of Pharmacists called ”FASUS” (2009-03-13)
Creative marketing and innovations have become a recognizable mark of ADOC on all experts’ meetings. Marketing activities in 2009 started with a successful presentation on FASUS. WORKSHOP bearing the title: THE PHARMACIST HAS THE ANSWER FOR YOUR QUESTIONS has the aim to ...

II simpozijum zdravstvenih radnika  Vojvodine 2nd symposium of medical workers of Vojvodina (2009-04-23)
The aim of the support provided for the pharmacists of Vojvodina who gathered on Tara, was the presentation of the whole distribution program of ADOC. Cooperation with medical workers of Vojvodina is very important due to the ...

Prolećni simpozijum farmaceuta Vojvodine Spring symposium of pharmacists of Vojvodina (2009-04-26)
The theme of the symposium was THE ANTIBIOTICS AND THEIR RATIONAL USAGE. Lectures were given by the eminent experts as Prof Dr. Miodrag Pavlović, Prof. Dr. Jovana Jovanović and Mr. ph spec Danica Basarić.

Majski susreti zdravstvenih radnika Srbije Meetings of medical workers of Serbia in May (2009-05-20)
ADOC traditionally was the general sponsor of the association of medical workers of Republic of Serbia! Honor and responsibility for all employees is to participate and work both in field work in daily contact with medical workers as well as in presentation of ADOC at the professional meetings.

Simpozijum farmaceutskog društva Srbije Symposium of pharmaceutical association of Serbia (2009-06-04)
Vitamins from food to the medicine was the theme of this year’s symposium, however it may seemed not so interesting, the role of pharmacists in choice of vitamins, dietetic products and vitamins and medicines is very important since ...

XII pedijatrijska škola Srbije XII Pediatric school of Serbia (2009-06-07)
XII Pediatric School in Vranjčka Banja gathered over 600 pediatrists from Serbia and ex Yu countries this year. With its participation including the stand and presentation of ACCU-CHEK program, the instruments of all generations, ADOC contributed in informing the podiatrists ...

Šestomesečni pregled ostalih aktivnosti Review of other activities in the period of 6 mth (2009-06-01)
Business policy of ADOC to improve the cooperation with its clients, to support continually medical professionals in their work all over the county, once more was confirmed by the field work of sales representatives. Since February till June ...

Završeno je Accu-Chek Umetničko takmičenje 2009 Accu-Chek Art contest 2009 is over (2009-09-21)
As well as the last year, this year the Accu chek Art contest in the organization of ADOC Company was held in our country, as it has been initiated by Roche Diagnostics on the international level (Mannheim, Germany). ...

Milica pobedila na svetskom takmičenju za 2009 Milica, the first prize winner of the international contest 2009 (2009-11-25)
For the first time in history, this year, a child from Serbia, Milica Macankovic from Čekmina (Leskovac) won the first prize on the international competition and was rewarded with 1000 euros. Her dream left the greatest impression on a jury, among other participants from over 20 countries world wide. ...

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