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New business philosophy of ADOC creates new ideas for customers, new ideas for market and for people, for better life. Health improvement of citizens in Serbia, by health promotion and illness prevention activities, represents a permanent task for our employees. We actively participate at "Health bazaar's" in Belgrade and across Serbia in activities dealing with taking care of citizens, especially those with diabetes.

Bazari zdravlja, Beograd Health Bazaars, Belgrade (2007-12-18)
Health secretariate of Belgrade in cooperation with health institutions organized 35 actions of "Health bazaars" in municipalities of Belgrade in 2007.

Bazari zdravlja, Vojvodina Haelth bazaars, Vojvodina (2007-12-02)
Health bazaar is the manifestation having the change of citizens' life style and more active self-care of their own health, for its aim.

Accu-Chek umetničko takmičenje Accu-Chek Art Contest (2007-11-14)
This year the subject was "My favorite recipe".

Svetski dan diabetesa World Diabetes day (2007-11-14)
World Diabetes day was held on 14 November.

Oktobarski susreti zdravstvenih radnika The meetings of health workers in October (2007-10-24)
Jubilee meetings of health workers of Serbia were held on 24-28 October in 2007.

Letnji kamp za decu sa dijabetesom Summer camp for children with diabetes (2007-07-01)
Every year in "Termal" hotel in Vrdnik, within the camp for children with diabetes, "The school of life" is being held...

Dan borbe protiv moždanog udara The Cerebral Stroke Prevention Day (2007-09-06)
The Cerebral Stroke Prevention Day was held

Majski susreti zdravstvenih radnika The meetings of health workers in May (2007-09-05)
From 9th till 13th May in 2007, in "Palisad" hotel on Zlatibor, "The meetings of health workers of Serbia" were held

Poslediplomski tecaj The Cours in Pediatrics (2007-02-26)
Postgraduate course under the name of "Current problems in pediatrics" was this, as the previous years, organized at the Mother and Child Health Care Institute "Dr Vukan Čupić".

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